The Crown Of Kings

The Shamutanti Hills - Part 4

The party, fresh from the battle, decided to explore the abandoned mineshaft that the goblins had tried to take over. They came upon a mother Skunkbear using the mine as its den, and quickly decided that it was in their best interests not to disturb her, as she was clearly protecting her cubs.

Further on the path, they came across a crossroads, one direction leading to Alianna, the other to Dhumpus. Deciding that the path north was their most prudent, they arrived at the top of the hill to find the village of Dhumpus, a village of sick and crippled people. Upon further investigation, they learned that the villagers believed that they were cursed, and that their crops had withered and their livestock died due to a punishment from the gods, but a quick prayer from the group’s resident cleric divined that the village was the victim of an unfortunate but cruel prank. The band discovered that the river was poisoned, and the mill was the source.

Try as they might, they could not find anything in the mill itself, but a thorough search of the area surrounding the mill uncovered a mysterious ring lodged in a rock in the river. Attempting to carefully extract the ring proved difficult for Sir Ither, and in a show of bravery he impetuously put the ring on his finger.

This proved to be a mistake. The ring was the source of the poison, and the knight quickly removed the ring, although not before he was ill. Natane quickly recovered the ring from Sir Ither and smashed a rock on it, leaving the ring shattered.

Upon hearing the news that their plight would soon be over, the grateful villagers invited them to their ramshackle but comfortable inn and treated them to a good meal and mead before their night’s rest. Satisfied with their day’s work, the party settled in for a good night’s rest.

The Shamutanti Hills - Part 3

After a good night’s rest, the party awoke to find that the monk Shen Wu had hustled his way up the path and caught up to them. Feeling refreshed and renewed, they continued a long and moderately difficult climb out of the forest and up a hill. At the top of that hill, they found several heads mounted on poles, signs of a pygmy headhunter tribe nearby, and a warning to proceed no further down the path – but the path had split in two. The versatile Natane used her survival skills to determine that the headhunters were down the left path, so they took the right path onto a much smoother, gentler climb, and made good progress until somewhere about midday, when they heard some odd sounds. Various clanks and grunts were coming from somewhere near the path, so the rogue Dusk took a quick peek and discovered a goblin mine.

Upon hearing this, the sour dwarf Kelvin was ready to slaughter them all, but Sir Ither tried to appeal to his sensibilities. Natane attempted to intervene, but to no avail. The commotion caused a goblin to come investigate, and the dwarf nearly killed the goblin on sight, but Sir Ither again interfered. The stubborn dwarf refused to listen, and the goblin fled, but Sir Ither was forced to knock the dwarf senseless. The dwarf came to just in time to see that the goblin had returned with reinforcements. A smattering of diplomacy by Sir Ither failed to yield any efforts, and the group were forced to defend themselves.

After a long and exhaustive (though with only one wound to the dwarf, which he quickly healed) battle, the goblins all lay dead. The party searched the bodies, and found a number of potions and gems, and one mysterious scarlet and blue sphere. They had all gained wisdom and experience from their battle, and each felt that they had reached a new plateau in their own personal quest for advancement – a new level, so to speak.

The Shamutanti Hills - Part 2

After handily defeating the bandits, the party made some changes to its roster. Shen Wu went back to town to deal with handing the remaining bandit over to the authorities, while Skivar found himself in the company of some very beautiful women. A glib-tongued halfling rogue named Dusk invited himself along.

The party reached a fork in the path, and at the fork they discovered an old man in a tree, unable to get down. Assisting the old man, he gratefully handed over two pieces of paper: part of a spell, and a rhyme which may lead to something helpful – or not. In the tree, a beehive remained, and a nimble Natane coaxed the bees into giving up some of their honey, enough for three meals, and beeswax, enough to sharpen a blade up to six times.

The party chose to take the path that led up the hills and made good time. Late in the afternoon, they found a clearing and chose to make camp. All was quiet until well after midnight, when suddenly a pack of wolves neared. Once again, the adroit Natane used her empathy with animals and howled like a wolf herself to successfully cow the wolves into fleeing. Having survived the night otherwise intact, the party faces a new day, ready for adventure.

The Shamutanti Hills

The party of adventurers set off on the path through the Shamutanti Hills. Among their number were Kelvin, the surly, singing dwarf cleric; Sir Ither, honorable knight; Natane, the lovely half-elf druid; and Shen, fighting monk. Late to the party was the glib-tongued sorceror Skivar, who seemed more interested in fighting off the ladies than the enemies. They introduced themselves and began their journey, noting the eerie silence and the crows observing their progress, before coming upon the trader village of Cantopani.

While in the village, they met a large quartermaster and purchased some useful items, including an axe and were given a number of healing potions as a token of his appreciation for leaving his shop.

After leaving the town behind, they were almost immediately beset by a trio of bandits, but they were no match for the quintet; the bandits were quickly dispatched without a scratch to our heroes, and their ill-gotten gains were quickly redistributed to the righteous to aid on their quest.

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