The Crown Of Kings

The Shamutanti Hills

The party of adventurers set off on the path through the Shamutanti Hills. Among their number were Kelvin, the surly, singing dwarf cleric; Sir Ither, honorable knight; Natane, the lovely half-elf druid; and Shen, fighting monk. Late to the party was the glib-tongued sorceror Skivar, who seemed more interested in fighting off the ladies than the enemies. They introduced themselves and began their journey, noting the eerie silence and the crows observing their progress, before coming upon the trader village of Cantopani.

While in the village, they met a large quartermaster and purchased some useful items, including an axe and were given a number of healing potions as a token of his appreciation for leaving his shop.

After leaving the town behind, they were almost immediately beset by a trio of bandits, but they were no match for the quintet; the bandits were quickly dispatched without a scratch to our heroes, and their ill-gotten gains were quickly redistributed to the righteous to aid on their quest.



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