Here is a list of creatures that are native to Kakhabad. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should provide at least some foreknowledge when traversing the dangerous lands:


Skunkbears are large mammals, ranging in size from 1.1 to 1.4 meters at the shoulder and from 2 to 2.5 meters when they stand on their hind legs. They are omnivores, and have a diet consisting mainly of fruit, berries, and fish. Their fur is dark grey or black, and adult males have a long silver or white stripe of fur running down their back.

Their primary feature, aside from their ferocious fangs and razor-sharp claws, is their incredible stench. When a skunkbear feels threatened or irritated, it will not hesitate to spray a cloud of a horrific gas at its target. This is often fatal in and of itself, and if not immediately deadly it will induce vomiting and a fever. Skunkbears are savagely territorial, and if one is encountered, the prudent adventurer should give a very wide berth.


Elfins are small humanoids, standing approximately 0.8 meters tall, with sharp features and pointed ears, distant cousins to Elves and Halflings. They possess two overlapping sets of transparent wings. Elfins are not true beasts; they can speak and possess a quick, nimble intelligence. Despite this, they are nearly unreasonable in their mischief; an Elfin will not hesitate to prank, annoy, bother, trip, or otherwise inconvenience a traveller if they believe it will be amusing, so be warned.


Snattacats are large felines with two enormous fangs that must continually be worn down by hunting. Approximately 1 meter in height at the shoulder, they are deadly and efficient hunters, due to their natural ability to turn invisible when stalking prey. Caution must be taken when entering their territory. Fortunately, Snattacats are found only in one area of Kakhabad – the Forest of the Snatta, northeast of Khare and south of Lake Lumle.


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