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Starting Notes

  • The country of origin is Analand; it is the country that is on the border of Kakhabad. If the Crown of Kings reaches the Archmage at Mampang, he will be able to use its powers to muster an army of vile creatures and horrific monsters and thus invade Analand (and thereby its surrounding neighbors).
  • Without giving away too much of the storyline, there are four individual but connected chapters. Chapter One is set in grasslands/hills. Chapter Two is set in a cityport. Chapter Three is set in plains/forest/marsh/lake. Chapter Four is set in mountains/fortress. Be prepared for any eventuality and make sure you bring comfortable clothes for a long trip.
  • Starting gold for purchasing equipment is max for your class. There will not be many chances to resupply; small villages and caravans dot the landscape, but they are few and far between. The upside of travelling through a lawless country like Kakhabad is that there are always plenty of bandits and brigands seeking to relieve travellers of their wealth, so if you can dispatch them you can reacquire it for yourself.
  • Caveat to purchasing equipment: you may purchase used weapons and armor for 50% of their base cost at a penalty of -1 to your attack roll or -2 to your AC.

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