The Crown Of Kings

The Shamutanti Hills - Part 2

After handily defeating the bandits, the party made some changes to its roster. Shen Wu went back to town to deal with handing the remaining bandit over to the authorities, while Skivar found himself in the company of some very beautiful women. A glib-tongued halfling rogue named Dusk invited himself along.

The party reached a fork in the path, and at the fork they discovered an old man in a tree, unable to get down. Assisting the old man, he gratefully handed over two pieces of paper: part of a spell, and a rhyme which may lead to something helpful – or not. In the tree, a beehive remained, and a nimble Natane coaxed the bees into giving up some of their honey, enough for three meals, and beeswax, enough to sharpen a blade up to six times.

The party chose to take the path that led up the hills and made good time. Late in the afternoon, they found a clearing and chose to make camp. All was quiet until well after midnight, when suddenly a pack of wolves neared. Once again, the adroit Natane used her empathy with animals and howled like a wolf herself to successfully cow the wolves into fleeing. Having survived the night otherwise intact, the party faces a new day, ready for adventure.



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